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Celty has been bored lately. She's wondering of doing something that could entertain her. ..well, other than spending some time with Shinra that is.
Since Shinra himself has been quiet busy with some other stuffs that he has to take care of.
The headless dullahan is not used to boredom, and it's out of her character to look for something actually fun.
But she can't help it. She's been living for so long, and now she practically have nothing to do..for some time. So she decided to think of something for killing time.

Shinra has been ignoring her due to his business, and, whatever it is, it involves that blond man; Shizuo.
They often meet these days.

Then an idea came up to Celty's mind. Being a dullahan means that she posses the ability that none other can do; magic.
It might sounds silly, but dullahans are fairies. It's been said since long time ago, through the Irish folklore and such. It's not the kind of sparkly magic, though. Dullahan is considered as evil fairies anyway.
So it's nothing hard for her if she really wants to play prank on someone or something.
But such childish nature, no matter how you look at it, won't fit someone like her.

However, people had been saying that there's magic in boredom. It can make you do things out of your character, out of the usual.
And that, also applicable to such a fairy like dullahan. Celty happens to be the one, in this case.

Then a plan is formed. Even though headless, we can almost feel that Celty's smirking slyly at the ideas that had come to her mind.

She got off from the couch where she seated and grab her helmet from a table nearby. And make her walk towards the door to exits Shinra's apartment.
It's time to put her ideas into action. Being childish once in a while won't hurt, right?
But since it's Celty, she had picked an interesting object of her prank. The strongest human in Ikebukuro, none other than Heiwajima Shizuo.
It won't be any fun if she pull pranks on some random weak person, but it will surely be entertaining if it's Shizuo.

Celty ride her black motorcycle in full speed along the town's road in a broad daylight. Some passerby might be lucky and managed to spot her; the urban legend… but not that she cares about it.
She stop her motorcycle just a few meters from a café. It's Shizuo sitting there, smoking on his cigarette and having a cup of coffee on his table. Apparently, he's enjoying his alone time.
Though it can't be exactly said that he's having some enjoyment at the moment, since his face looks kind of annoyed.

Celty watches him from the distance and start to 'mutters' something.  And black shadows start to stretch out from the under her feet towards her shoulders from both sides.
It started to bind her like chains around her body, and then, it retreats back to the shadow under her feet.
It was a fast and brief moment, and everything's done. Celty climb back onto her motorcycle and rode away from the place.
Just..what on earth did she do..?

Soon after that, Shizuo get off from his seat and pick out a cellphone from his pocket. The blond man make a call to someone and take off the cigarette from his mouth so that he can speak clearly.
The other man on the line finally answered the call.
" What is it, Shizuo? "

It's Shinra.

" ah I guess I'm not feeling well today. Maybe we could meet tomorrow? I think I'm heading home now."
Replied Shizuo briefly.

" okay, just make sure to take care of yourself. See you tomorrow. "

And with that, Shizuo hung up the phone and put the cellphone back into his pocket. He start to walk away from the café and heading back to his apartment, while rubbing his forehead as if he's getting a headache.
"tch..just what the hell is this sudden headache.." he muttered under his breath as he walk.


Morning light intrudes through the curtain of the closed window, it fills the room with its warmth. Birds chirping on the branch of the trees out of the window, signaling that morning has finally come.
Shizuo stretched lazily on his bed and rub his eyes. The sun feels too bright..and so he has to open his eyes gradually.
He must have slept really deep last night, lucky that it's Sunday today. So he doesn't have to worry about being late for work.
The sleep helps him with his headaches, and everything's well now.. at least, that's what he thinks.

He slowly wakes up from bed and walk over to the kitchen to get himself some coffee.. only to realized something's doesn't feels right. Somehow..
He's not sure of what it is, but he just shrugged and continue to pour himself the coffee. Maybe it's just because of yesterday's headache. Maybe he hasn't fully recovered yet. But it has gone a lot better.

After he finished the coffee, he heads for the bathroom to take a shower. He grab his towel and went into the bathroom. He walk past the mirror towards the bath tub.
But..wait, something is indeed not right.
So he slowly stepped back to see the reflection of himself on the mirror….only to find out that…


It's still the same Shizuo; blond hair, brown eyes.. but the hair now looks a bit longer, the manly traces on his face seems have lessened, and.. what makes everything even weirder is that he has.. breasts now. Ones belong to women.

He widened his eyes as he started to process all the information, only ended up having his brain freeze and he stand still there.
But then he quickly undress himself to make sure of another thing… only to find out that he has turned COMPLETELY into a woman.

He feels like he could just faint at the moment, but he simply just can't. This must be the effect of the headache.. it must be that his head's playing trick on can't be real!
And so he decided to quickly put on his clothes again, and crawl back onto his bed; buried himself under the heavy and thick white blanket.
He tries hard to shut his eyes and sleep.. everything will go back to normal when he wakes up. So he has to force himself to go back to sleep now.

After trying so hard to put himself to sleep with his mind being in total panic, slowly he's drifting back into unconsciousness.
He finally managed to sleep.

Meanwhile, unknown to him, his brunette arch enemy is strolling around and happen to pass by the apartment building.
Since he has nothing to do, he decided to disturb the hot headed blond early in the morning. So he walk casually into the building and take the elevator to Shizuo's room.
There, he stand in front of Shizuo's room with his typical smirk on his face. And he reach his pocket for a key.
A spare key to Shizuo's room. And it's unknown to the said blond that he actually owns such a key.
He slowly insert the key to the hole on the door. As if preparing himself for a sudden attack that might come from the other side of the door.
..but nothing comes. It feels so suspicious. Could it be that Shizuo's not in his room?
There's only one way to make sure, so he gently push open the door and make his way through the hallway.
His steps are light. even though he's suspicious, he stays as calm as ever. He slightly chuckle to himself. Shizuo never cease to amuse him. There's always things unpredictable coming from the blond.

He glances at the kitchen, and the living room.. empty. There's no sign of Shizuo. So he decided to check the rooms one by one. So casually that he doesn't even look like an uninvited intruder there. To a person's eyes; he acts just like he's being in his own house.

Still no signs of Shizuo. But there's one last room that he hadn't check. The apartment is not very big, so it doesn't take him much time for the search.
The room next to the kitchen is the one that he hasn't check, so he walks towards it and cautiously open the door.

There, a nice bed. But what catches his attention is that there seems to be something under the blanket on the bed. And he heard breaths. A person. Someone's sleeping there.
And it has to be Shizuo. who else would be there? Then he victoriously walk towards the bed, as if he's satisfied that he had approach his enemy so easily. Especially when his enemy's in a state of unconscious –sleeping to be exact.
Izaya didn't bother to be careful when he approach the sleeping figure.
" it's morning, Shizu-chaaan~!" he exclaimed as he pull the blanket harshly from the bed.

The figure which was beneath the blanket suddenly shot up awake and alert.
Both are in shock; seeing the presence of each other.

"what the FUCK are you doing here in my bedroom, damn FLEA?!?" shout Shizuo as he leap off to the other  side of the bed.
But the other guy just stand and stare there, as if paralyzed, with mouth slightly gaping.
Though the expression gradually changes and it turns into a wide grin;
" I didn't know Shizu-chan has a girlfriend!"  he said with excited smile on his face – well, as excited as an 'orihara izaya' could be.

"what the..?!" Shizuo didn't manage to finish his sentence. He was stopped because of the shock; since just now he had clearly heard that his voice too, has changed into a more feminine one.

Izaya tilted his head to the side and come closer towards Shizuo; eyes observing the blond closely.
"…or are you possibly his sister..? I've never knew anything about you. But you obviously really look alike with Shizu-chan.."
Asked Izaya curiously as he observes the 'woman' before his eyes.

Shizuo was about to say—or rather said, yell something, but he was cut with a ring of a cellphone.
Then the informant reach to his pocket and pick a cellphone.
" oh it's you, Shinra. You must hear what I've just found out in Shizu-chan's apartment!"  he said as he answer the phone.

Only to be replied by a rather loud voice of the other man on the line;
The voice sounds kind of..panic.

" Shinra-kun already found out about the woman Shizu-chan keep in his room?" replied the laid back informant; unsuspecting anything.
Until Shinra replies;

" THAT woman IS Shizuo, Izaya-kun!!!"

"..what? you gotta be kidding me. Sure, they looks alike, but as far as I recalled, Shizu-chan doesn't have boobs." He said blatantly with a straight face.

" Well he might didn't have them's HIM! It's Celty's doing!!" yell the panicking doctor.
It was loud enough that Shizuo himself can hear it.

Both man's eyes widened in shocked. The room went silent. Neither Shinra continue to speak.
Apparently he had been dragged away from the phone.

It was a complete shock for every party involved. But Izaya seems to be the first one to recover from the shock. He shift his eyes slightly and smirk.
"..seems like it's going to be fun." He turns to look at the dumbfounded blond 'lady'.  ".. right, Shizu-chan?"
He walk his way closer towards the blond.

" d..don't you dare to come any nearer than THAT, FLEA!" yell the blond angrily, he put on the defensive pose—as he try to grab the bed. Supposedly to throw it towards Izaya.
But he wasn't quick enough, Izaya had pinned him  down to the bed.
The taller man – who's now in a body of a woman look at Izaya in horror, only to get a chuckle as a reply.

" know, Shizu-chan, I'm not interested in woman..but I think it will be veery interesting if it's you."
Then his typical sly smirk appear on his face.

Fear rushed down the blond. "w..what?"

" now I can finally try you out without worrying of being called a homo~"


And so..whatever happen after that scene..shall be left untold in order to keep this fic on the safe rating. All I could tell you, is that we can hear the scream from out of the apartment.
Just like –

...and that's it :XD:

ohwell, it was done in only an hour or so, and the idea popped out of my mind like randomly after I came across some fanarts of gender bender versions of the DRRR characters :lol:

I've been rooting for this pairing and wanting to write something about them. though due to my amateur-ness and my other businesses, I've never gotten a chance to write one. ^^;

Well, I know this is lame but yeah...please bear with it. :iconotlplz:
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NikitaDiane Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist

I love it!!!
jonnachan Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2011
xDDD hilarious! <3 damn I'm reeaally starting to love this pairing... ♥
BlackCat-to-KuroNeko Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2011   Writer
Super cute and super funny. >w<
BlackCat-to-KuroNeko Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2011   Writer
Super cute and super funny. >w<
heLLzCat Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
thank you, glad you like it :iconohjoyplz:
frailtyofyou Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey. I think you have the potential to be an amazing writer, but you need some practice still. There is a lot of grammatical errors and I recommend getting a Beta reader (you can get one from and checking out a book called "The elements of Style" by Strunk & E.B. White. These will get you a long way. It's also good to rewrite stories, as you will get better every time.

Don't give up writing. :) And you like a quality pairing.
heLLzCat Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
it's nice to hear the compliment :)
and yeah,it's indeed hard for me since it's like the 2nd time that I tried to make a fic.
but I'm glad that I could get useful feedbacks from you! :D
I'll make sure to check those out.

Sugercube75 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*instantly favs after reading 1st paragraph* Omg, So Amazing~!!!
heLLzCat Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
there's no greater pleasure for a newbie writer like me to receive such a compliment! :iconiloveitmoreplz:
Sugercube75 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha, glad u liked my comment. X3 it was really well done, except for a bit of the writing, it was a lil confusing in the begining, but it was still really well done. :3
ChoSuzumori Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2010
Poor Shizuo XD But Izaya~ it doesn't matter if you are gay <3 Love it XD
heLLzCat Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
lol yes he does. even in the anime, he canonly proclaim himself as a man lover :lol:
*even though that supposed to mean that he loves human race in general. not man as in male xD *

am so glad that you love it :heart:
ChoSuzumori Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2010
haha right. but shizu-chan is human, so Izaya loves him nyahaha xD
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